Europe´s Elite was very impressed of the High Class Reining

European´s elite reiners met eachother in Weikersdorf on the 120,000 $-added NRHA High Class Reining (21st-26th July 2015). The premiere-event scored not only with top-class runs in the show arena, but also with sensational flair and great atmosphere. In order to guarantee the participants the best conditions, the warm-up arena a large catering tent was for the event covered and set up where you could enjoy the best Riders Lounge kitchen. Daily made a colorful supporting program – with invitation to the typical Austrian grill – live music, DJ & Coyote Ugly Party or the charity tombola, where 2.605, – Euro were collected, in addition to reining on top level for a special event that you in was able to experience Weikersdorf.

Ludwig Grischa (NRHA Reining Maturity High Class Champion in the Open Level 4) was enthusiastic about the show: “It’s great here. You notice how effort the team is here, and to all corners of what is being done. All are friendly and kind and try to make everything possible. The HC-reining team is simply terrific, and has supported the show and everyone says here – no better way to do it. I can only say thank you. It’s nice that the organizers and sponsors are working with heart and soul – we just need such show. Just in this way the reining sport can also grow.”

This tenor joined many others:
• Main sponsor Sabine Lisec: “The show has fulfilled more than all expectations. As well as the participants agreed. We had top-starting fields and in both Go Rounds – in the Non Pro and in the open. All are happy and I like everyone here in Weikersdorf. And this was also for me a great pleasure. Not only the ground was praised, but also the great all-round service and the personal link to the show team. All are helpful and very friendly and the only way to operate a successful show. Here I have to thank Elli and Jörg, who have done a great preparatory work. Without their commitment, our premiere event, the High Class Reining would not run in that successful way. Outside Ferri takes care of all the concerns and in the Office we can fully rely on Ivonne. All in all, a really great show, which was not held in the Austrian Western sport before. ”
• Bronze Sponsor Joao Marcos (Cardinal Reining Horses), who travelled on Friday to Weikersdorf to the HC-Reining and felt completely at home: “The High Class Reining in Weikersdorf is one of the best shows I’ve ever seen worldwide. All are really happy here, and everything runs smoothly. The organizers do a great job, and I feel very welcome here. I’m guarantee to come back! ”
• Helmut Schulz, President of ARHA: “The High Class Reining is a really nice event. The whole worked very hard and the whole area in Weikersdorf was well presented and looked good. We congratulate the organizers Elli and Jörg for their great show. The riders who had traveled from delivering maximum performance and the good atmosphere can be felt everywhere. All are in good mood. ”
• Saad el-Din Hadj-Abdou, AQHA President and Austrian NRHA Vice-President: “I am completely pleased, but not surprised of the professional management that has been implemented by the organizers of High Class Reining. So it is not surprising that this event attracted the most prestigious riders in Europe and overseas. As part of the nominations received, the show presents itself as one of the highest quality throughout Europe. As a representative of AQHA and NRHA Austria, I am pleased that our national riders and horses could attune the positive tenor of the statements with: It was perfect. ”
• Fabian Strebel: “I like the high-class Reining in Weikersdorf. I’ve never been here and think the show has for its size the charm of a small village. The walking distances are short and the organization is very good. ”

Organizer Elli and Jörg Preimesberger attracted a correspondingly fantastic feedback: “With our high-class Reining we could send a strong signal. The quality of the horses and riders was overwhelming and had championship character. Round all were satisfied and the response has been correspondingly positive. As feedback we received, among others, that we are well on the way to popular reining show in Europe. And we should be proud. All were just thrilled with our premiere. This we owe to our established team which is made in the backround for the smooth running of the tournament. And that was important for us that we our audience and the prominent and internationally occupied starter field offer an event that will be remembered for a long time, “And as it looks to continue in the coming year from:”. We have basically a continuation of 2016 planned. But a top event of this magnitude is not feasible without support and therefore we hope that we can win the sponsors again and there will be a high-class Reining 2016. “